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DLT Academy K.K.

Academy of Distributed Ledger Technology, Incorporated in Japan

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Business matching

Typically matching European and the US Blockchain startups, with Japanese traditional investors and partners.

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Seminars | Meetups

Monthly regular meetups, matching event for startups and investors, and study group seminars in specific themes.

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Japan Market Entry

Helping foreign startups enter Japan market, from establishment of entity to HR and marketing.

Blockchain Project

Exchange | ATM | Mining | Payment

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Crypto Currency Exchange

Multi crypto currency online trading platform, ready for launch in September 2018 in Europe, by Bit Brothers.

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Crypto Currency Mining

Mining firm project in the most Northern part of Europe, Norway with Arctic Fintech Group.

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Crypto Currency ATM

Multi crypto currency two-way ATM (cash-in/cash-out), including managing portal for customers, by Bit Brothers.

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Crypto Currency Payment Solution

Multi crypto currency debit card and prepaid card, ready for launch in early 2019.

Japan Blockchain Industry News

Updates in Japan Crypto Space

2018年7月7日 No Comments

“Blockchain and Cryptocurrency: Japan’s Economic Elixir?”

Thanks to blockchain and cryptocurrency, Japan’s economy may have greener pastures ahead. As the country’s GDP growth shrinks to lows last seen in the 1990s financial crisis — a.k.a. the “lost decade” — economists point to a technological boom as a potential catalyst for recovery. Related: Led by Japan, Major Economies Set to Introduce Unified Cryptocurrency Regulations Now the second-largest cryptocurrency market in the world, Japan may engineer its own salvation as a world leader of the of the fourth industrial revolution (4IR). Characterized by the fusion of IoT, AI, robotics, blockchain and various breakthrough technologies — the 4IR might be seen as a smorgasbord of Japan’s strong-suits. https://cryptoslate.com/blockchain-cryptocurrency-japans-economic-elixir/

2018年7月7日 No Comments

“Blockchain rising: Japan’s cryptocurrency ecosystem leads world”

Late last year, US-based blockchain startup BitClave raised the equivalent of $25.5 million in 30 seconds following its initial coin offering (ICO). An ICO, or token sale, is a relatively new crowdfunding mechanism that entrepreneurs use to raise money for product development or to fund operations. ICOs present a new liquidity mechanism and opportunities for innovation, but their meteoric rise has raised eyebrows and the regulatory hammer in a number of jurisdictions. Apart from ICOs, cryptocurrencies and platforms such as blockchain—the technology underlying this new ecosystem—have come into the cross hairs of regulators following the loss in January of some $530 million in cryptocurrencies that were under the management of…

2018年7月7日 No Comments

“Japan Blazing Trail in Crypto, Blockchain Regulations”

Japan has emerged as a leading force in regulatory efforts related to cryptocurrencies and blockchain and continues to fine-tune its laws to protect consumers while allowing the market to remain vibrant. “We made it a rule that, if people wanted to start an exchange, they had to join the association to comply with the guidelines. And while there was no enforcement mechanism for the guidelines, members could comply with them via self-regulation.” https://cryptovest.com/news/japan-blazing-trail-in-crypto-blockchain-regulations/